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Tribute to a King - The Story and the Legend

For the first time ever, there may be an answer to two of the countless questions surrounding the life and death of Elvis Presley: If Elvis had recorded one last album, how would it sound? What songs might he have chosen to sing?

Conceived and created by super producer Larson Paine, Tribute to a King has truly been “a labor of love"... 20 all-new recordings sung in the unmistakable style, and honoring the legacy of the greatest entertainer in history, Elvis Presley. Also included is a "Personal Spoken Message" from Johnny Edwards that offers a rare and revealing glimpse into the very heart and soul of this fantastic yet humble singer who, in many ways, seems to have actually channeled his Hero... it is a message, a Benediction, if you will, that is so loving and sincere that it will forever haunt any true fan of the King!

Recorded over a period of 20 years, Tribute to a King features the amazing vocals of the mysterious "Johnny Edwards", the alias of a world-renowned performer, a "singer's singer" who insists upon remaining anonymous. "Edwards" has been quoted as saying; " This is the album I’ve waited all my life to make and yes, I’ve achieved some fame in my career but my name isn't important here, it's not about me; I'm just paying my respects to the Man… my Hero: the one and only King of Rock & Roll… Elvis Presley."

Naturally, speculation as to the true identity of "Johnny Edwards" has run wild. Everyone seems to have a different opinion: The Las Vegas fans wonder if it's Wayne Newton, Tom Jones or a Superstar Hollywood actor? The Pop Music folks suggest that it might be Elton John, Paul McCartney, or Michael Bolton. The Rock crowd says it could be Springsteen, Bon Jovi or Bono while Country fans suggest Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith and a dozen others. The possibilities are endless. One thing is certain; all of these theories are validated by the simple fact that Elvis was the biggest single influence and inspiration for all of these great artists and hundreds of other major stars! The King is still the King – and he always will be!

"Edwards" and his producer confirm that each and every song was carefully chosen to reflect just some of the many sides, facets and styles of that very special voice. There are heart-felt love songs ("I Want to Know What Love Is”, "I Will Always Love You", "You Are So Beautiful") that capture the tenderness and deep feelings that have touched entire generations of people the world over. There are the standards by which we mark and celebrate our Special Occasions –with some that include dramatic recitations to create treasured holiday memories for you and your loved ones ("Happy Birthday", "We've Only Just Begun", "Auld Lang Syne"). There are songs of hope and of loss ("Over The Rainbow", "Tears in Heaven"), songs that are playful and fun ("On The Road Again" "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"), songs that really rock ("Rock This Town", "Spirit In The Sky") as well as Johnny's stunning rendition of our National Anthem, his patriotic song of praise to the country which Elvis loved so dearly and proudly served with honor.

That's just a sample of the 20 exciting tracks that make up this totally unique recording! All of the songs hold one thing in common, none of them were ever sung by Elvis in his lifetime but have now been painstakingly recorded to sound as if they had been and hearing is believing!

Now you can experience "the record that never had the chance to be made" a magnificent and reverent tribute... the ultimate Tribute to a King.